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There is nothing quite as bad as showing up to an event and finding out they have no public restrooms. This is important to consider when planning your event, but what if your event is taking place where no building or public restrooms exist? Don’t worry we got you covered. Our restroom trailers are perfect for small or large events, and are designed for the fullest luxury and convenience of a restroom experience. Browse our options to find the trailer that is best for you

Our 2 Unit Restroom is designed for a convenient restroom experience for all. It includes two sides. One side is for the men and one for the ladies.

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The 3 Unit trailer is perfect for a mid-sized event. It includes one women’s, one men’s, and one unisex section.

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Hosting a bit of a bigger event? The 4 unit trailer is for you. It includes two stalls for the ladies, and one stall and one urinal for the gentlemen.

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Our largest restroom trailer is the 5 until trailer. It is perfect for whatever big event you are hosting. It will give people a clean and wonderful restroom experience with three stalls for the ladies and one stall and one urinal for the men.

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Everything should be within 100 feet. If this is not possible please let us know.

For Spring, Summer, and Fall

2, 3, and 5 Unit Trailers:

  • 1 standard 110v 20 amp on its own breaker
  • water hook up

4 unit Trailer:

  • 2 standard 110v 2 20 amp breakers

For Winter (Anything below 20 degrees)

All Trailers:

  • 3 standard 110v on 3 dedicated breakers

Your special event can become even more enjoyable with the simple addition of clean user-friendly restrooms. Don’t just take my word for it, schedule your restroom trailer today.

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